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purpose 1 - spring 2006

Vincent Debanne  Welcome to children
Anton Zatzepine  Trinitrique + Mercepolis, music by Matthieu Safatly
Cécile Genest  Déserts de France
Gilles Raynaldy  Le site des futures Archives Nationales et ses environs
Céline Clanet  Un mince vernis de réalité

A picture only magazine, which shows photography on the web. This is what we mean by "photographic webmag". purpose is not a publication on photography (its topicality, techniques, etc.) There are already too many!

In our information, consumer socities, only the pictures of reports and adverts can actually be seen. Today's photography, in its diversity, is unknown by the general public. The publications are rare and expensive.The places where contemporary art can be found don't attract, or very rarely, the hoi polloi. The great exhibitions are almost always devoted to photographers from the past or to media stars. What's the trend in photography today? purpose has set itself the target to explore this unknown territory.

This publishing on the web constitutes an attempt to make the public closer to contemporary artistic expressions. It's also the posssibility to enable different types of media to mix: image, sound, text, video. Last, it is the opportunity to smooth out the boundaries which cut off professionals from amateurs, renowned artists from unknown ones. purpose asks anyone able to purpose an acurate, original view of the world to react and express him or herself. purpose, which is not a clique, doesn't prioritize any particular genre.

What is fundamental for purpose is the meaning created by the comparison between points of view consulting our time, our environment, our contemporaries. purpose is wary on too formalist approaches which indicate a kind of fanatist aesthetic. Yet, the quality of the published works will always be enhanced.

purpose wants to encourage its public to take time, not to behave as usual visitors-consumers. So as to break with the common zapping reflex, the ergonomics and the graphic frame of the site promotes a complete, attentive reading of the published works.

Created by Paul Demare (art director) and Gilles Raynaldy (photographer), both graduates from the University of Paris 8, purpose is free, designed and created in a strictly independent way. At first, it will be published quarterly.