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purpose 4


purpose 4 - winter 2006

Hervé Jézéquel  Materia Prima
Isabelle Hayeur  Excavations / Maisons modèles
Laurent Gueneau  26 12 1999
Chris Dent  Dentropolis
Benoit Grimbert  Normandie
Yves Arcand  Side Effects
Chen Shaoxiong  Ink City
Jürgen Nefzger  Valdecaballeros

Music by Alexandros Markeas

Our natural, urban, and cultural environment is polluted by a flood of images which impose the commercial order, lies and passivity. But there are other images that are less visible, less commercial, stimulating our perception in different ways, letting us see things as they are and as they might become. Landscapes that are artistic statements, steps in the authors' progression (engaged, in a wise and measured way), attentive to geography, to where life happens, to History. Images that help us find our place and define a stance. Images that are weapons for resisting and tools for constructing the world.

In this fourth issue of purpose, the landscapes of Yves Arcand, Laurent Gueneau, Benoit Grimbert, Isabelle Hayeur, Hervé Jézéquel, Jürgen Nefzger, Chen Shaoxiong and Chris Dent are accompanied by an original composition by Alexandros Markeas.