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purpose 6


purpose 6 - autumn 2007

Brigitte Lustenberger  What You See
Carlo Mollino  Villa Zaira
Fulvio Rosso  La pelle dell'anima
Yves Klein  Obsession de la lévitation
Angelo Mosca  Parigi val bene una messa
Françoise Huguier  J'avais huit ans
Marc Garanger  Identification d'une guerre
Hervé Jézéquel  De mémoire de pierre
Unité INSERM U913  Imagerie du Système Neuronal Entérique

Music by Éric Cordier

It is understood that photography maintains a close relationship with memory. So much has been written on the idea of the trace, the imprint, the index… Quite rightly, the documentary power of the photographic image has been emphasized. We have perhaps insisted less on the fact that memory continues to work, long after the production of images and their diffusion. Far from being frozen, it participates in the movement of history, whether personal or collective, that we carry like a banner and a burden, and which is a fundamental part of our identity.

The mental imagery that accompanies us lays out the moving map of our fantasies, our culture, and enriches itself endlessly from our encounters. We collect and archive images that redistribute themselves over a network. Connections are established and acquire meaning: ideas come to life.

Intimacy of remembrance, history, collection of mementos, artists' documents, memory of the body, archeology, action of time, immutability… So many aspects are evoked by the authors presented in this sixth issue of purpose. Whether these artists be alive or dead, their images come in contact and invite us to travel the byways of memory.