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purpose 7

margins and frontiers

purpose 7 - spring 2008

Jean-Luc Moulène  Berlin
Claude Cahun  Je est une autre
Lise Sarfati  The New Life
Pascal Hausherr  Les Époux
Laurent Malone  Habiter Marseille
Emmanuel Pinard  Paysages périphériques
Ahlam Shibli  Arab al-Sbaih
Anthony Berthaud  Immigration chapitre 2 : Calais
Joakim Eskildsen  The Roma Journeys
Charlie Meecham  The Changing Land

Music by Jean-Luc Guionnet

"The margin is what holds together the pages of a notebook." Jean-Luc Godard gave this response when he was called a marginal artist. The most pioneering artistic movements are indeed found at the margin, where they guarantee the vitality of creation against the stagnation of the academy. The artist who holds himself apart from dominant trends shines light on other possible paths; he invites us to be part of the invention, deconstruction and reconstruction of the world.

In this issue, purpose presents the photographs of people hemmed in by borders, populations in precarious situations, adolescents in search of identity, and a woman who cultivates many identities. These photographs, like those that show the urbanism of the city outskirts or the spreading of a city into the countryside, raise poetic and political questions about situations at the margin, moments of transition, "in-betweens."

We offer you a voyage made of detours and side paths that leads paradoxically to the center of our world and our lives. This voyage begins in the Berlin of Jean-Luc Moulène, a city where everything was overturned so many times in the last century.

In an era where people wear blinders, where calm and security have become our only aspirations, mustn't we look sideways or obliquely more often?