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purpose 8


purpose 8 - autumn 2008

Doug DuBois - Marisa Portolese - Alessandra Sanguinetti - Laura Pannack - Robert Knight - Gilles Raynaldy - Gérald Garbez - Todd Deutsch - Samantha Contis - Elizabeth Fleming
Chris Mottalini - Ahlam Shibli - Véronique Ellena - Beth Y. Edwards - Geoffroy Mathieu - Pascal Hausherr - Colin Pantall - Wolfram Hahn - Evan Baden - Raimond Wouda - Susana Raab - Tammy Mercure - Amy Stein - Alain Cornu - Robin Schwartz - François Debricon - Joakim Eskildsen - Marc Wendelski - Constant Anée - Yveline Loiseur - Thekla Ehling - Julien Magre - documentation céline duval - Wilma Hurskaine - Kevin Romaniuk - Franck Gérard - Dulce Pinzón - Johanne Bouvier - Anton Zatzepine - Colleen Heslin - Maya de Forest - Paul Demare - Christian Demare - Musée Carnavalet

Music by Stefano Pilia, Nickolai D. Nickolov, Caro & Edu (Panico), Rodolphe Alexis & Yoko Fukushima, Matthieu Safatly

purpose wished to dedicate a lively, bountiful, colorful issue to childhood. A great many photographers, whose work we appreciate, answered our call. Their photographs, heirs of a tradition that blends documentary rigor and poetic expression, are suffused with tenderness, curiosity, humor, nostalgia... they touched us a great deal. Sometimes they show moments of intimacy veiled with modesty. Sometimes they seem to translate a childlike imagination which reminds us of our own experiences, our past sensations and feelings.

We've chosen to present these photographs of a childhood more happy than not, far from war, misery and daily violence, a childhood that resembles our own or that of our children. A childhood that seems carefree and luminious at first glance, but in which we can rediscover through these images all its complexity, confusion and even unease.

Five pieces of music were composed to accompany the photographs of forty artists.

Dive into this universe and return to your childhood!